We are Lulacruza Music and this website will be about Pianos and Keyboards.

Buyer’s guide, music blog, musical instrument reviews,…

We are founded in 2020 with members who have a passion for music and musical instruments. Our members are pianists, singers, artists with a lot of experience in playing a musical instrument. We are also a musical band but not really well-known.

I have started playing piano since 2005. I loved pianos in the first place when I first heard their sounds in a music film. The sound, the melody, the chord interest me immediately. Three days later, I bought one for myself and started learning on my own.

We are very thankful for every visitor to my website and it means a lot to us that there are people out there who are interested in the beautiful world of pianos music.

What do we do?

  • Make best lists for all kinds of things that you a looking for
  • Review pianos and keyboards to help you to decide to buy without any hesitation
  • Guide you to choose the best product with our knowledge and experience

Why do I start this blog?

Firstly, I have a passion in playing and collecting pianos, keyboards, and some kind of musical instrument like guitars, drums. So I have a lot of experience to share, to help you who want to learn or buy one.

Secondly, like most of us, this is my job and it helps me to make a living.

Thanks for your presence!