Ten years of musical flight!

Nov.21, 2014

Lulacruza celebrates 10 years of music pilgrimage!!!! Its been such a joyful, blessed and transformative journey! We want to thank you all for listening, resonating and dancing with us all these years, across so many lands!

As a GIFT, all our music is now “Name Your Price.”

That means you can enter $0.00 to download freely, or you can donate to support the growth of our music. Visit www.music.lulacruza.com

If you enjoy this please share it outward )))) THANK YOU!

Lulacruza by Mark Chen

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Esperando el Tsunami – by CPH DOX

Oct.24, 2011

logo-esperando-el-tsunamiVincent Moon, who won the Sound & Vision Prize in 2009 with his masterpiece ‘La Faute des Fleurs’, is back with what he calls his best film ever. We are not reluctant to agree with him. ‘Esperando el tsunami’ is an intoxicating picture & sound piece disguised as a road movie. Alejandra and Luis, the two young musicians in the South American duo Lulacruza, travel across Colombia to take the country’s musical nectar and transform it into their almost shamanic trance sessions, which call to mind Animal Collective’s early days. On the heels of them follows Moon with his sensuous-seeking camera and responsive musicianship -which make him into something quite unique in today’s film world. This hipster-vagabond who single-handedly revived the music video as an art form, is now doing the same with music documentary. But ‘Esperando El Tsunami’ is greater than its own genre, with its extreme close-ups of nature’s smallest details that open the film gradually up, as a magical-realism love story of the most beautiful kind. There is no doubt. Vincent Moon has done it again.

October 2011 – CPH DOX

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